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Analysis On The Current Situation, Problems And Countermeasures Of The Flow Of University Teachers Under The Background Of The Construction Of "Double First-Class" Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001400


Mingsi Jiang

Corresponding Author

Mingsi Jiang


With the continuous deepening of the construction of "Double First-Class" universities, the flow of teachers in colleges and universities is more frequent, and colleges and universities gradually to realize the importance of talents. And against this context, the competition among all the colleges and universities is severe, and the campaign initiated for talents is intensifying, which brought good effect for the development and growth of talents and enhanced the competitiveness of the talents, on the other hand, some negative effects were generated, such as some universities tried to introduce talents in a predatory manner and part of the talents received the considerable benefits by job-hopping severely affecting the sustainable development of higher education industry. In order to reduce the disorder phenomenon of talent flow and alleviate the negative impact, colleges and universities should make scientific plans for talent introduction, and do a good job in talent assessment and management, so as to provide a good competitive environment for talents and bring them to colleges and universities for good development.


“Double First-Class”; The Flow of College Teachers; Competition; Negative Effects; Scientific Planning