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Mixed Teaching Mode of Simulation Experiment in Food Analysis Experiment Course

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001403


Zhun Guo, Yuzhen Zhao And Xunjuan Xu

Corresponding Author

Zhun Guo


In recent years, the information teaching platform of Chinese universities has developed rapidly, and more and more universities regard it as the primary task of teaching reform. As a kind of increasingly mature network technology, virtual simulation technology began to be used more and more in college experimental teaching. This article takes the food analysis experiment course as an example. By introducing the virtual simulation experiment content into the classroom through the mobile app, through the construction of a new experimental course teaching system, the individualized teaching design of the applied chemistry major is targeted, combined with the online course learning platform , Established a multi-dimensional teaching evaluation system, and conducted a certain degree of research on the mixed teaching model of virtual simulation experiments in food analysis experimental courses, in order to provide new ideas for the reform of college experimental courses.


Virtual Simulation; Food Analysis Experiment; Mixed Teaching