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The Development Direction and Strategies of English Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Educational Ecology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001404


Dingqi Fan

Corresponding Author

Dingqi Fan


In recent years, higher vocational colleges (VC) have occupied the "half of the country" in China's colleges and universities (CAU), and the vocational education idea of "employment-oriented and service-oriented" has penetrated into the thinking of higher vocational educators. As a tool subject, how to adapt to the needs in vocational education and cultivate technical application, technical skill or operation talents is a huge challenge for VC. Therefore, based on the perspective of educational ecology, this article will carry out research on the development direction and strategies of English majors in higher VC. This article will carry out research through a combination of literature reviews and questionnaire surveys. Analyze the specific methods applicable to the teaching model of English majors in higher VC. The specific strategies are as follows: the determination of teaching goals must be based on clear professional needs, accounting for about 21.5%, and the innovation of teachers ’teaching concepts and the improvement of teaching methods and methods account for about 6.7 %, Optimizing the curriculum structure accounts for about 9.3%, the teaching content should meet the professional needs of about 30.2%, the teaching methods and teaching activities should account for about 22.5% of the professional needs, and the full use of multimedia for teaching accounts for about 9.8%. Combining the content of the questionnaire survey and referring to relevant domestic materials, the method of cultivating English professional talents in VC based on the perspective of educational ecology is summarized, which provides a reference for the training of English professional talents in VC in China.


Educational Ecology; English Majors; Vocational Colleges; Teaching Models