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Constructing a New Evaluation System of Physical Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001405


Wenmei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Wenmei Jiang


School physical education is the core part of school physical education and the important content of measuring school physical education. Scientific and effective evaluation of physical education is one of the important measures for the healthy development of physical education activities, and scientific evaluation system of physical education is of great significance to school physical education. Therefore, based on the comprehensive analysis of all kinds of sports teaching evaluation documents issued by the Ministry of education and the local education department and the school sports work standards, this paper selects and constructs the evaluation index system of physical education teaching in higher vocational colleges, and finally uses the newly constructed evaluation system to evaluate physical education teaching in Yunnan Polytechnic College to verify the feasibility of the evaluation system effectiveness. The experimental results show that the new evaluation system is used to evaluate the physical education teaching of Yunnan Polytechnic College, and the total score is sixty-eight point one nine Score, including teaching hardware score three point zero five six Score, teaching software score six point five seven eight Score, teaching implementation score twenty-one point two four two Score, teaching evaluation score eleven point six one Score, teaching score twenty-five point seven zero four Points. From the experimental results, Yunnan Polytechnic College has advantages in physical education, but also disadvantages.


Physical Education Teaching; Evaluation System; Evaluation Index; System Construction