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Curriculum System of International Economy and Trade in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Application-oriented Personnel Training

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001407


Yanmei Bao, Xiaolin Dong

Corresponding Author

Yanmei Bao


The existing vocational education is difficult to meet the needs of the society, so the development and training of application-oriented talents at the undergraduate level has become a new focus, training application-oriented talents at the undergraduate level has important practical and theoretical significance. In the course system of international economy and trade in higher vocational colleges, there are some problems, such as the imbalance between theoretical and practical courses. Based on applied talents in order to better study the international economic and trade professional curriculum system in higher vocational colleges, this article embarks from the professional curriculum system reform ideas, this paper expounds the professional curriculum system reform method and route, and guided by the applied talents training mode, this paper discusses the scientific construction of higher vocational international economy and trade professional curriculum system. Then, this paper adopts literature method, comparative research method, investigation method and other research methods to analyze and compare the talent training mode of higher vocational colleges, and then studies the curriculum system of international trade of several higher vocational colleges in a province, and puts forward Suggestions for improvement.


Application-oriented Personnel Training; International Trade Curriculum; Curriculum Reform; Higher Vocational Colleges