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Development Characteristics and Trends of Educational Management Theories in the Internet Age

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001408


Qi Huang, Shuting Wang

Corresponding Author

Qi Huang


In the Internet era, open education based on online learning methods is increasingly adopted and accepted by educational institutions and learners. While open education brings time and space convenience to learners, the trust crisis at the data level has yet to be resolved. It can be divided into three stages: open sharing of education and teaching, large-scale teaching interaction, and cross-platform opening. The Internet has played an original driving role in the development of education management and played an important role in improving its quality. It is very important to build a trust mechanism that runs through the entire process of open education management to create circulation and dissemination. Just like Marxist theory as the foundation of our country's development, research its concept and apply it in college education management. However, in the process of explaining the Marxist theory courses in some colleges and universities, there are problems such as insufficient knowledge of teachers' theoretical knowledge and ineffective theoretical knowledge test results. By clarifying the position of Marxist theory in college education management theory, it has played the role of party organization and can combine its educational theory knowledge with the Internet.


Internet Era; Education Management; Theoretical Development Characteristics; Development Trends