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Integration of Mold Education in Colleges and Corporate Culture

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001411


Tianyu Liang

Corresponding Author

Tianyu Liang


College mold professional education also faces many constraints. Therefore, improving the mold professional education methods of colleges and universities is an important problem to be solved urgently by colleges and universities. The main purpose of this research is to analyze the integration of mold professional education and corporate culture in colleges and universities. This research conducted a questionnaire survey on enterprises and schools involved in the integration of education and culture, and interviewed the principals of both schools and enterprises. From the three aspects of enterprises, schools and apprentices, this paper summarizes the various aspects of mold education in universities Kind of problem. This research survey found that 43% of graduates think they are basically qualified for their job, and 52% think they are fully qualified for their job. The results of this study fully show that the overall quality of mold students in colleges and universities is higher in the job position, it is of great significance to improve the standardized management system and scientific evaluation system, and improve the fine management model of mold major education in universities.


Mold Major; Cultural Integration; Professional Education; Educational Methods; Refined Management