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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Martial Arts Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001415


Tao Ma

Corresponding Author

Tao Ma


With the increasingly rapid development of society, network science information technology and artificial intelligence technology has been widely penetrated into People's Daily life, especially mobile phones, computers, multimedia and other communication tools, they are convenient, flexible personality, has become the most important means of communication. In addition to communication, it also brings more functions such as videos, topics, we media and self-help learning. Based on the background of rapid development of artificial intelligence and multimedia, the integration of mobile network, artificial intelligence and traditional teaching has become an important means of sports information teaching communication. The main purpose of this paper is to better combine artificial intelligence with traditional teaching methods so as to make martial arts teaching more scientific. The research comprehensively used the methods of literature survey and questionnaire survey to understand the scientific research achievements of AI in martial arts teaching in colleges and universities, sort out the research ideas and framework of this paper, and then used the method of questionnaire survey to carry out a sample survey of students and teachers in martial arts colleges and departments. Through the investigation, the demand results and communication conditions of artificial intelligence integrated martial arts teaching are obtained. Results showed, that year until June of 2019, the university sports departments Internet users penetration rate over 95%, teachers group can be skilled in the use of artificial intelligence teaching equipment accounted for more than 81.25%, and surveyed the crowd is generally accepted that can get advanced teaching ideas on network platform and advanced martial arts movements, eventually make China's sports culture to the world.


Artificial Intelligence; Martial Arts Teaching; Sports Culture; Teaching Methods