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Teaching Evaluation of Medical Physics Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001416


Pengcheng Zhang, Jia Guo and Wenbin Kang

Corresponding Author

Wenbin Kang


The theory of multiple intelligences was put forward by Howard Gardner, a psychology development scientist at the school of education of Harvard University. The theory of multiple intelligences has a wide range of positive effects in the theory and practice of educational reform. It breaks through the traditional concept of teaching evaluation and provides important enlightenment and promotion for the teaching evaluation of medical physics. Medical physics is an interdisciplinary subject formed by the combination of modern physics and medicine, which provides medical students with systematic physical knowledge and research methods. According to the theory of multiple intelligence, combined with the actual situation of medical physics teaching, to promote the overall development of students as the goal, to achieve multiple evaluations.


Theory of Multiple Intelligences; Medical Physics; Teaching Evaluation