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On the Strategy of Cultural Education in College Physical Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001420


Zijian Chang

Corresponding Author

Zijian Chang


In the physical education of colleges and universities, we should constantly permeate the education of cultural knowledge into the students, so as to improve the core quality of physical education of high school students. A series of means adopted by teachers in PE class can make students feel the cultural charm and essence of sports while mastering sports knowledge and skills. Based on this, this paper discusses the strategies of culture and education in physical education teaching in Colleges and universities. Through the combination of questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics, this paper studies 110 teachers and students in a university on the cognition of culture and education in physical education teaching. The results show that 68.6% of teachers and students think that culture and education play a role in the future development of physical education teaching It has a very big promotion effect. 75.4% of the teachers and students think that culture and education can improve the performance of physical education. Only 3.9% of the students think that physical education will have a negative impact on culture and education. From the results of the questionnaire, physical education and cultural education are mutual help.


College Physical Education; Cultural Education; Physical Education; Cultural Penetration