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The Influence of Situational Teaching Model on Classroom Teaching Effect

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001422


Guijuan Geng and Zhen Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhen Wang


The influence of situational teaching models on classroom teachingisstudied in this paper. The principles of the establishment of the situational teaching model are analyzed. On this basis, the general operation framework of the situational teaching model is established. From the three parts of learning resources, learning targets and learning objects, the knowledge storage structure is established through Java+UML construction technology to realize scenario import. For the purpose of accurately modeling virtual objects, virtual reality scenes are established, and scenario exercises are realized through virtual reality technology. The image registration is completed by ICP method, and the image files of different perspectives are merged into a complete three-dimensional image by using the open source software Vrip-pack. The texture mapping is realized by the local spherical texture algorithm, and the bilinear interpolation is used to smooth out the sawtooth between the output pixels of the screen. The realization process of the instantiation technology is given, and the 3D model is established. The experimental results show that the situational teaching model can improve students'learning interest and achievement, and has a positive impact on classroom teaching effect.


Situational Teaching Model; Classroom Teaching; Effect; Influence