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Teaching Class of Mineral Processing Course System Based on Intelligent Simulation Technology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001424


Ting Hu, Xiao Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiao Wang


Energy industry has a great influence on the development of national economy, and mineral processing engineering is an applied technology subject mainly studying mineral separation, which can train a large number of mineral processing engineers for the country, and is conducive to promoting the development of energy industry in China. In order to Promote Colleges and universities to cultivate a group of qualified talents in mineral processing technology, this paper carries out a classroom research on the teaching of mineral processing curriculum system based on intelligent simulation technology. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of the traditional classroom teaching mode of mineral processing through experimental comparison, and summarizes the advantages of intelligent simulation technology in the teaching of mineral processing curriculum system. Through the research, this paper concludes that The number of students with good grades in class B of experimental group is 32 and 36 respectively, which is far higher than that in class a of control group, which is 20 and 17 respectively. The experiment fully demonstrates the feasibility of teaching in mineral processing course system based on intelligent simulation technology.


Intelligent Simulation Technology; Mineral Processing; Curriculum System Reform; Experimental Comparison