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Research and Practice on English Idioms Teaching in Translation Class from The Perspective of Clutural Image

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001428


Liangyu Hu

Corresponding Author

Liangyu Hu


The field of chunk research has been widely concerned. According to the theory of chunk teaching, language is composed of grammatical chunks with fixed form and meaning. These chunks are memorized and stored in the brain as a whole in the form of patterned collocation, fixed or semi fixed phrases and idioms, without any grammatical analysis. Chunk approach advocates that second language acquisition should imitate the process of first language learning, that is to say, second language learners should first learn the textual meaning of modular chunks in their real language environment, and analyze and summarize their existing structure and grammatical meaning in the textual environment. With the help of statistical software package, this study adopts the statistical methods of opposite sample test and paired sample test for the statistical data of experimental sweet, post control group and experimental group, and draws the following conclusion: in the process of Chinese-English translation, the more blocks students use, the higher their translation performance. Chunk teaching method has a positive impact on the expression of Chinese-English translation, which to a certain extent reduces the vocabulary and grammar errors in translation; chunk teaching method can reduce the understanding errors in English-Chinese translation and enhance the accuracy of English-Chinese translation.


English Idioms Teaching; Translation Class; Perspective of Clutural Image; Chunk Teaching