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Exploration of Opening Futures Market in the Development of Wind Power Market

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001429


Aochen Sun

Corresponding Author

Aochen Sun


Vigorously developing wind power market is propitious to drive the development of Chinese green electric power market. This paper addresses the problem of volatility of price and revenue caused by the instability of wind and focuses on solving it from the perspective of market. The primary project of this paper is to explore the feasibility of opening the wind power futures market. The case analysis method and the data analysis method are applied by analyzing the samples of electricity futures market abroad and domestic thermal coal futures market. It is found that opening wind power futures market can have a positive effect on developing wind power market and even Chinese green power market. Hedging principle can play an active role as China has the condition and ability to establish a new commodity futures market of electricity suitable for Chinese characteristics. The wind power market has enough generation capacity to supply the material object of futures trade. It has enormous potential according to much emerging policy. The study suggests that China can open wind power futures market as a way of solving the above-mentioned problem and also a pilot of exploring and developing electricity futures.


Wind Power Market; Electricity Futures Market; Electricity Market Reformation