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Analysis on the Transformation of Training Mode of Garment Professionals in Application-Oriented Universities in Jilin Province

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001430


Lan Xu

Corresponding Author

Lan Xu


In the country and the people's government at the provincial level under the background of applied undergraduate talents training mode transformation, costume design and engineering should also implement the transformation of the talent training mode, the path is clear to advanced technology applied talents as talent cultivation objective, purpose and characteristics of building applied as professional and course content system, and perfect fusion, university-enterprise cooperation of production and education practice system. To conclude the transformation path of clothing design and engineering specialty, the innovation of application-oriented undergraduate talent training mode in local universities should adhere to the following strategies: scientific orientation of talent training objectives, establishment of clear talent training standards, strengthening the connection and communication with vocational education at the junior college level, and adherence to clear industry and industry guidance.


Applied Undergraduate; Fashion Design and Engineering; Talent Training Model