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The Construction of Independent and Complete Self-Esteem System of Higher Vocational Students from the Visual Threshold of Craftsman Spirit

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001432


Qingfeng Li, Hui Yu

Corresponding Author

Qingfeng Li


It is the responsibility and mission of higher vocational colleges to cultivate workers with craftsmanship spirit and transport high-quality talents for the powerful industrial chain. The imperfect self-esteem system of higher vocational students restricts their growth and affects the quality of talents exported by higher vocational colleges. To remove the barriers of low self-esteem of higher vocational students and build an independent and complete self-esteem system are the key measures to cultivate craftsmen in big countries. Through the cultivation mechanism of "Trinity" self-esteem system with full participation, multiple teaching and school family linkage, we can make full use of all teaching activities such as psychology class, ideological and political class, professional course, practice course, elective course, competition and association, and combine students' self-conscious repair with teachers' foreign aid and assistance, so as to realize the transformation from "I can't" to "I can", and cultivate more talents with knowledge, skills and innovation.


Craftsman Spirit; Vocational Students; Self-Esteem; Independent and Complete Self-Esteem System