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Tentative Study on Solutions to English Translation Problems in Foreign Police Training

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001439


Yali Gao

Corresponding Author

Yali Gao


Foreign police training plays an important role in serving national security strategy, serving the country’s overall diplomacy, and serving international law enforcement cooperation. English translation is necessary to promote the work. This paper firstly puts forward the problems existing in the English translation of foreign police training, then tries to solve the problems, and puts forward the solutions from the two aspects of Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese translation. The solutions involves the preparation of translation in advance, the use of translation methods, getting familiar with the accent of the trainees, the summary work after translation and so on. It hopes that these tentative studies are helpful to solve the problems existed in English translation and thus promote the work of foreign police training.


Foreign Police Training; English Translation Problems; Solutions