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Strategies and Enlightenment of Danish Children’s and Teenagers’ Cultural and Artistic Cultivation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001441


Xiangmin Li and Silang Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiangmin Li


Based on the Belt and Road Initiative and the trend of cultural and economic globalization, through research and analysis of various policies and initiatives proposed by Denmark and China to facilitate the cultural and artistic cultivation of children and teenagers, a comparison of specific research findings between Denmark and China is proposed by means of concrete cases. As a result, the experiences of the two sides that worth academic exchanges and reference have been analyzed and summarized. It is recommended to further improve the cultural and artistic level of children and teenagers in China in three aspects which include encouraging advanced cooperation between schools and cultural institutions, improving professional qualifications of art teachers, and strengthening construction of cultural infrastructure.


Danish Education; Cultural and Artistic Cultivation; Policies on Culture and Art; Cultural Reference