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Constructing China’s Distant Education from English and American Experience especially after the Covid-19 Period

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001444


Wei Chen

Corresponding Author

Wei Chen


The extraordinary development of computer and multi-media transmission has enhanced us human beings to the social stage of both knowledge and information, and the Internet has stimulated the reform of traditional education value and means. Distant education, as the embodiment of modern technical education, has occupied a certain share in the educational field. The negative widespread of COVID-19 has forced students almost all over the world to study on line at home. Distant education has become an increasingly important issue for governments all over the world, such as, how the government could develop a new mode of distant education, how to establish a sound guarantee system, etc. This paper, based on the introduction and analysis of the present distant education both home and abroad and the enforcement of the online teaching during the present COVID-19 period, is to discover the major problems in domestic distant education and to construct the new management mode of China’s distant education.


Distant education; English experience; American experience