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Feasibility and Development of PE Online Course——Take North China Electric Power University as An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001449


Yiming Yang, Jikang Xie and Kunyu Duan

Corresponding Author

Yiming Yang


In recent years, the network of curriculum has gradually become a new development direction of college curriculum. Many subjects have launched a large number of network courses, but the network of physical education curriculum has not been paid attention to and promoted. Therefore, this paper takes the network of physical education curriculum as the research direction, takes North China Electric Power University as an example to carry out the investigation and research in the university, and narrate in detail the thinking and process of exploring the network of physical education curriculum for half a year. Affected by the epidemic, we encountered many difficulties and inconveniences in the research process. After many discussions, we made two questionnaires to analyze students' subjective wishes about online sports courses. We through the survey results of data analysis to explore the feasibility and contents of physical education curriculum network, then draws the conclusions in the following three aspects: sports network course is suitable for in the form of reality course of auxiliary and complement, time arrangement in about 20% of the total time, and content to fitness training and technical essentials would have more attractive.


Physical Education Curriculum; Online Course; Feasibility