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Construction of Traceability System for Training High-quality Talents in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001450


Shuang Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuang Wang


The cultivation of high-quality talents is the ultimate goal of talent cultivation in higher education. Guided by the current situation of College Students' learning and the employment situation of college graduates in China, it is an important breakthrough and innovation to construct the traceability system of talent cultivation in higher education. This paper first analyses the existing problems and causes of talent cultivation in Higher Education in our country, and then puts forward a solution-to construct the traceability system of talent cultivation. Then it focuses on the analysis of the reasons and specific measures for the establishment of the traceability system of professional settings, curriculum settings and employment of College Students under the background of big data. The construction of traceability system of high-quality personnel training in Colleges and universities has prominent significance for realizing the effectiveness of personnel training in higher education.


Quality Education; The Traceability; Higher Education