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College Students’ Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies on Mobile Apps: Problems and Solutions

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001453


Yumin Chenga and Wenjing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yumin Cheng


Based on the Levels of Processing theory, this research makes use of a questionnaire to research college students’ use of English vocabulary learning strategies. Based on a 253-sample analysis, we’ve had the following findings: The most frequently used memorizing strategy by college students is repetition strategy, and the least is association strategy; high achievers prefer to use semantic processing while underachievers tend to use formal processing to strengthen memory. The research suggests that the application of multiple vocabulary memorizing strategies on learning apps is beneficial and apps can be a useful supplement to classroom learning, but they also have their drawbacks. The status quo in the use of vocabulary memory strategies among underachievers is far from satisfaction. Learners should change such and try more diverse and effective learning strategies besides the traditional ways such as simple repetition.


Mobile Apps; The Levels of Processing Theory; Vocabulary Memorizing Strategies