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Young Chinese Parents Should Be More Productively Involved in the Preschool Educations of Children Aged 3-6 Years Old

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001454


Siyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Siyu Liu


As the Chinese economy and society rapidly develop, the development of preschool education in China has attracted much attention. How to better implement preschool education for the children’s development has become a topic of concern. This paper will argue that young Chinese parents should be more productively involved in their children’s early childhood education and discusses this from three main aspects, the impact of a lack of constructive participation on the children, the strategies for parental involvement in children’s education, and the benefits of productive participation to the development of children. Moreover, the lack of support from literature or studies needs to be recognized while the issue of young parents balancing their work duties and participation in children’s education also needs to be further explored in future research.


preschool education; productive involvement; young Chinese parents; children aged 3-6 years old