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Research on the Practice of Teaching Reform of "Flipping Classroom" Based on Micro-lesson and Moocs

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001460


Miaoting Wang, Hua Yang

Corresponding Author

Miaoting Wang


The teaching mode of "flip classroom" based on micro-class is a new teaching idea, which can significantly improve students'cognitive ability and teaching.At present, the research on the design and cohesion of "flip classroom" in our country is still a blank field, focusing on the characteristics of lessons.The teaching mode and its implementation process of "flip classroom" are constructed, and the practice of "flip classroom" teaching mode based on micro-class and Mooc is carried out.The Promotion of "Flip Classroom" Teaching Model.With the popularization of educational informationization, a reform has come to the teaching mode. With the deepening of this reform, "flipping classroom" has become a reality."Flipping Classroom" is an effective means to reform the traditional classroom and make the essential change of the teaching mode."Flipping Classroom" is mainly devoted to the reform of teaching design, realizing informatization in teaching environment, and planning classes under the guidance of information technology.Teaching design before, during and after class, so as to realize the transformation of teachers'and students' roles, from teacher-centered to student-centered, breaking the traditional curriculum conventions of the hall.


teaching reform; flip classroom; MOOCs; micro-lesson