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Analysis of the Correlation between Gender Difference and College English Test Scores

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001463


Fangfang Duan

Corresponding Author

Fangfang Duan


College English Test is a crucial national exam for all college students in China, which are held twice a year. In 2019, the students attending the exam in December had reached 9.26 million. Given its universality and significance, it is essential to explore the elements resulting in the differences in students’ language acquiring scores. The article analyzed the correlation between gender differences and college students’ CET-4 scores, the main factors contributing to students’ score differences and strategies for teachers to improve students’ learning efficiency. As quantitative research, the study had taken 804 college students from Lijiang teachers’ college as subjects through a survey questionnaire. By analyzing the data with T-test , the outcomes revealed that gender differences and CET-4 scores are tightly correlated; and the average CET-4 score of females was higher than males; also, the differences of males' English scores were much greater than females'; furthermore, the CET-4 scores of females was significantly higher than those of males. Therefore, the study suggests teachers should focus on students’ gender differences in their English teaching; endeavor to make full use of gender differences to stimulate students’ motivation; overcome gender prejudices and intensify the related researches to promote students’ learning efficiency.


gender difference; CET-4 scores; learning strategies;