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Exploring Cultural Industry Talent Training Strategies Based on the Era of Creative Economy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001465


Qian Wang

Corresponding Author

Qian Wang


In the context of the country's vigorous development of the creative economy, the cultural industry has been constantly innovating and improving its development model through the use of new science and technologies, new techniques, and new media. Local creative enterprises have developed rapidly and achieved excellent results. As a training ground for high-quality, creative and applied talents, colleges and universities should make appropriate adjustments to the existing cultural industry talent training programs and systems on the basis of adapting to the actual situation of education and conforming to the laws of cultural development. In view of this, the article attempts to use the relationship between local cultural resources and cultural industry talent training as an entry point, analyze how the cultural industry talent training in the creative economy era can keep pace with the times, and take the cultural industry management profession as an example to focus on its existing. The teaching practice model proposes several directions for the improvement of teaching practice, and fundamentally realizes the comprehensive training of students' innovation and practical ability, and taps the students' acumen and perception of local cultural resources.


The era of creative economy; cultural industry; talent cultivation; strategy