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Research on the Reconstruction Approach of Physical Education Curriculum System Based on First-level Discipline Establishment With the Teaching Reform of P. E. Postgraduate Courses in Yan’an University as the Study Case

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001466


Shirong Li

Corresponding Author

Shirong Li


With the rapid advancing of the world economy, the development in the industry of sports has also received attention from all walks of life. In promoting national economic development, sports industry has a very important status, as a promising industry, health industry and eco-friendly industry, it plays an increasingly important role in continuous promotion of the growth of domestic demand, enhancing people’s physique, and building a harmonious society. Based on the first-level discipline construction, how to cultivate high-quality professional complex talents is an urgent problem to be solved in higher education nowadays; while in the training of talents, curriculum is the key segment. Current development of P. E. major curriculum in China is still in an immature stage. Taking Yan’an University as the example, based on the abilities that P. E. postgraduate students should have, and on the principle of scientific and rational curriculum setting, it is analyzed in this paper the curriculum setting of physical education major, and explored the reconstruction approach of curriculum system for P. E. major postgraduate students.


P E postgraduate students; core curriculum; teaching; P E