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The Application of Flipped Classroom in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001467


Hong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hong Zhang


The continuous development of the Internet has caused changes in college English teaching in our country. From the traditional classroom teaching model to information-based teaching, the focus of college English teaching has also changed, from grammar teaching to listening and speaking teaching, and quality education is vigorously advocated. College English teaching methods and teaching content have undergone great changes. There is an urgent need for changes in college English teaching. Flipped classroom is used in college English teaching to make full use of the advantages of flipped classroom college English teaching to make up for the disadvantages of college English classroom teaching, enhance the teaching effect of English, expand students’ knowledge, apply advanced online education concepts, and realize the reform and innovation of college English teaching.


Flipped classroom; college English; teaching goals; learning effects