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The International Development Path of Chinese Martial Arts under the Mode of Taekwondo Promotion

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001468


Yuehong Ma, Yang Sun

Corresponding Author

Yuehong Ma


The strength of sports events can reflect the size of a country's strength, and the development of anything is inseparable from an outstanding talent team. The success of Chinese martial arts promotion depends to a large extent on the intensity of talent training for the promotion of martial arts. Only after cultivating a large number of international martial arts talents with both virtue and ability, can Chinese martial arts be promoted to the world. Therefore, this article mainly studies the strategies and models of Korean Taekwondo in the international promotion of talent training, and summarizes the methods suitable for the training of Chinese martial arts international promotion talents. In the analysis, this article mainly refers to the international promotion path of Taekwondo, and explores effective strategies that can promote the internationalization of Chinese martial arts.


Taekwondo promotion; Chinese martial arts; international promotion; promotion path