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The Trinity Teaching Mode of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Practice in Application-oriented Universities from the Perspective of Craftsman's spirit

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001474


Kejian Shi, Ping Feng

Corresponding Author

Kejian Shi


With the proposal of the "Manufacturing Power" strategy, the construction of China's talent training system has become more specific. As a bridge between "Vocational Education" and "Academic Education", Application-oriented universities bear the historical responsibility of training applied talents in China. The organic combination of the value system with craftsman spirit as the core and the reform and construction of "Mass entrepreneurship and Innovation" education is an important way to break the "glass door" of applied talents training. Therefore, from the perspective of craftsman's spirit, this paper analyzes the current situation of domestic "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" practice teaching. Combined with the teaching experience of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in recent years and the theory of "Integrity of Teaching, Learning and Practice", it makes an in-depth study and builds a trinity teaching mode of "Mass entrepreneurship and Innovation" practice in the perspective of craftsman spirit. It has been proved that this mode solves some bottleneck problems in the "Mass entrepreneurship and Innovation" teaching of Application-oriented universities, helps students to improve their professional quality and morality, forms innovative consciousness and thinking, and strengthens entrepreneurship and skills. It will be of great guiding significance to the construction of China's structured talent system.


Craftsman Spirit; Application-Oriented Universities; Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education; Teaching Model