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Research on the Countermeasures of Rural Tourism Development under the Background of Precise Poverty Alleviation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001478


Aihua Su, Nan Chen

Corresponding Author

Aihua Su


Under the background of precise poverty alleviation, the development of rural tourism is the basic means to implement a precise poverty alleviation policy, and it is also a new stage of development projects in China's poverty alleviation policy. However, in the process of precision poverty alleviation, rural tourism development still has problems such as neglecting market development, weak government service awareness, low quality of poor people, and inaccurate poverty alleviation, which hinders the stable and healthy development of rural tourism and affects the progress of precision poverty alleviation. In response to the above problems, this paper proposes to integrate the market development mechanism, improve the government's service awareness, strengthen the training and publicity of the poor, and enhance the poverty alleviation and other development strategies, aiming to help rural tourism to develop better and faster, provide a reference basis, and accelerate the well-off society. Construction process.


Precise Poverty Alleviation; Rural Tourism; Development Countermeasures