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The Overseas Translation And Dissemination Of Bai Juyi’s Poems

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001575


Honglu Li, Liutao Wang

Corresponding Author

Liutao Wang


Bai Juyi’s poetry is widespread and well known at home and abroad. Its dissemination has a long history. Due to the superiority of geographical location, Southeast Asian countries have conducted extensive translation and in-depth studies on Bai Juyi’s Poetry since Bai’s times. Since the Late Qing period, Western scholars began to translate and introduce his poems to the west world. The translation and introduction of Bai Juyi’s Poetry in foreign countries promote the spreading of China’s excellent traditional culture and make Bai’s poetry better understood by the world. Through using literature research method and case analysis method, this article explores the spread and influence of Bai Juyi’s poetry in the world.


Bai Juyi’s Poems; Poetry Translation; Poetry Introduction; The Influence Of Poetry Translation