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The Application Of Methodology Of Scaffolding Based On Zone Of Proximal Development In Language Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001583


Meng Si

Corresponding Author

Meng Si


Vygotsky's theory of zone of proximal development holds that development of individuals includes both the development at the present level and the potential development. Educators should be equipped with the educational concepts suitable for individual development. The methodology of scaffolding in teaching can help teachers effectively cultivate independent learning ability of students according to their aptitude, as a result, a relaxed and comfortable learning environment can be created for students, and then the transition from existing level to potential development of will be soundly promoted. [1-2]This paper discusses the application of scaffolding structure and theory of zone of proximal development in English teaching.


Theory Of Zone Of Proximal Development(ZPD); Scaffolding Structure; Language Teaching; Interactive Learning Method