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The Reflection On Existing Cultivation Mode Based On The Current Status Of Career Development Of Normal Students In Fine Arts Colleges --Taking Guangzhou Academy Of Fine Arts, Fine Art Education Department As An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001586


Yang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yang Zhao


There are various factors that exert certain influence to the process of cultivation of the normal students in professional fine art colleges and universities. Proceeding from the currents status of graduates in middle terms of graduation, this paper conducts analysis on the rationality of the cultivation based on result-orientation in a reversing thinking manner. The normal students from the fine art colleges are cultivated as the professional talents with fine capacity in arts discipline and excellent capability to impart relative knowledge to others, which is geared to the society, schools and educational institutions[1].The option of future career of normal students from fine art colleges and the middle-long -term development serve as a important step to examine the cultivation process of normal students from fine art colleges. Taking the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Fine Art Education Department as an example, this paper made respective investigations for students graduated in 2019, 2013 and 2014 in middle term of graduation, and the investigation results are regarded as the important evidences for the adjustment of cultivation mode.


Fine Art College; Normal University Students; Career Development; Cultivation Mode