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Discussion On The Key Points Of Application And Design In Language Education For Preschool Children Based On The Concept Of Gamification

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001587


Xiaoyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Wang


Under the background of the continuous promotion of reform in the new curriculum system, the education department puts forward higher requirements for education of preschool children in language with the main purpose of highlighting the innovation and optimization of language education for preschool children. There are some practical problems in the practical language education for preschool children. If these problems fail to be effectively solved, adverse effects will be generated on the language education for school-age children, as a result, the development of preschool children can be limited. Therefore, teachers for preschool language education should update their inherent teaching concept, and apply the concept of gamification so as to promote the innovation in language education for preschool children and meet the basic requirements of the new curriculum reform. With the help of various forms of games and many interesting teaching activities, gamification can motivate students' enthusiasm for classroom learning, and stimulate students' subjective initiative, as a result, students can be fully engaged in classroom learning to ensure the efficiency in classroom teaching. The essence of gamification is to put students in a harmonious and pleasant learning atmosphere and deepen students' understanding of the inner nature of knowledge with the purpose to realize the effect of teaching through entertaining activities. This kind of education method has not been properly used in children's language education, and the teaching methods and teaching concepts are still lagging behind and unitary. This paper will analyze the application and design of gamification concept in preschool children's language education with the hope to promote the innovation and reform of language education form for children.


Gamification Concept; School-Age Children; Language Education; Application Design