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Research On The Effect Of Flipped Teaching Mode Of English In Vocational College With The Introduction Of POA On Improving Oral English

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001588


Weili Wang

Corresponding Author

Weili Wang


With the advance of the new round of reform in courses, the research on English teaching methods has been conducted with breakthroughs in practice. The emergence of the theory system of "production-oriented approach" (POA) provides a theoretical basis for the study of English teaching theory and the realization of teaching objectives of English course. Generally speaking, flipped classroom teaching in vocational colleges is conducive to the improvement of the ability of oral English of students. Besides, flipped classroom teaching provides feasible reference in teaching objectives, teaching design, practical effect and future prospect for teaching of the foreign language. The theoretical system of "production-oriented Approach" (POA) was originally given into birth with the emergence of the teaching theory of the foreign language with Chinese characteristics proposed by Professor Wen Qiufang, and the special framework was constructed. "Production-oriented approach" covers three aspects of learning center theory, learning and application theory and application of holistic education. The specific process can be divided into driving, facilitating and evaluation [1].The construction of flipped classroom in vocational colleges is based on the whole learning process and cultivation of effective learning habits for students. The teaching concept of flipped classroom is based on the experiential teaching concept of "coexistence and common prosperity", which has outstanding value in effectively improving English output ability of students, ability in critical thinking and classroom efficiency. In the practice of construction of flipped classroom in vocational colleges, there are learning motivations that promote the realization of teaching objectives and the improvement of effective oral English ability based on POA theoretical system goals. Firstly, the establishment of teaching objectives and teaching requirements are integrated to contribute to effective learning. Besides, the theory system can be beneficial to better serve the teaching concept and objectives and the teaching effects in medium - and long-term will be achieved, which is important to realistic teaching effects [2].


POA; Ability In Oral English; Higher Vocational College; English; Flipped Classroom; Teaching