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Role Positioning And Function Play Of College Counselors In THE COVID-19 Epidemic

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001589


Yimeng Chen

Corresponding Author

Yimeng Chen


COVID - 19 outbreak happened since the founding of the people in our country's most widely the fastest and the spread of infection, prevention and control of the most difficult a major public health emergencies, counselors as the first-line workers of student management, in response to the outbreak of COVID - 19 is also facing a big test, more needs to be in crisis situations, because of things in the perspective of communication, guide and reflection on clear role orientation of university counselors, prediction, analysis and decision making as driving force to promote function of university counselors, improve work efficiency, so as to promote ideological and political education and student management work of professional counselors and all-round development, To create a new situation in the management of college students.


College Counselors; COVID - 19 Outbreak; Role Positioning; Functional