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Research Based On The Application Of Flip Classroom Model In Higher Vocational Sports Class

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001590


Xudong Ma

Corresponding Author

Xudong Ma


With the continuous development of Internet and multimedia technology has been widely used in various industries, and the education industry is also facing an important reform. In the process of continuous reform, the construction of casualization in higher vocational colleges has gradually become modernized. The flipped classroom teaching model is a new model formed on this basis, compared with the conventional teaching model, but this teaching model is mainly student-centered, and the teacher only plays an auxiliary role in this process. There are certain peculiarities in the physical education classroom of higher vocational colleges, and some problems that will not appear in other teaching courses will appear. Flipping the classroom teaching mode provides a new concept for the physical education classrooms of higher vocational colleges. Therefore, this article combines the actual physical education classroom teaching in higher vocational colleges and conducts research on the application of the flipped classroom model in physical education classrooms. In vocational college, the physical education classroom teaching form is relatively simple, and the content is also boring. Therefore, the students in vocational colleges lack a certain enthusiasm in the physical education classroom, and even some students are unwilling to participate in any exercise even at their spare time, resulting in the low sport quality of students ’ [1]. In the teaching process, education informatization has become the mainstream of teaching, and the application of the flipped classroom model will be better than the traditional teaching model, because it has the advantages of conforming to the laws of cognition and life image, that can not only teach the students according to their aptitude, but also Inspiring the students' interest in vocational colleges making it more conducive for the vocational collage students to have a personalized learning goals.


Flip Class; Vocational College; Physical Education Class; Applied Research;