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Research And Practice: The Practical Teaching Mode Of Modern Mentoring System Electrical Engineering And Automation In Kashi University Is Taken As An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001594


Dayong Huo, Mingxia Ding

Corresponding Author

Mingxia Ding


Kashi University has implemented a four-year practice of "modern mentorship system" for all the undergraduate students majoring in electrical engineering and automation. Taking it as an example, this paper introduces the practical process of combining virtual and realistic teaching with "modern mentorship system" talent training mode in practical teaching. It summarizes the experience in the construction of teaching mode and training system in the "modern mentorship system" teaching practice process, including the setting and construction of training room, the requirement and cultivation of tutor's teaching skills, and the setting and development of practical training content. Through the reflection of education, this paper analyzes the restrictive factors of the practical teaching mode of "modern mentorship system" in teaching practice, and provides the coping strategies in the process of teaching organization. This paper also puts forward the construction method of the teaching system based on the modern mentorship system in engineering practice teaching, and gives the practical teaching scheme to satisfy the practical teaching in some special areas where sufficient real training places are unavailable, and to ensure the seamless connection between the teaching in the school and the real job.


Modern Mentorship System; Double-Qualified Teacher; Practical Training; Talent Training; Teaching Mode