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Research And Practice: The Education Mode Of Stage Career Directio Guidance Electrical Engineering And Automation In Kashi University Is Taken As An Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001595


Dayong Huo, Mingxia Ding

Corresponding Author

Mingxia Ding


The electrical Engineering and Automation major of Kashi University has implemented the education mode of "phased career direction guidance" for four years of undergraduate students. Taking this as an example, this paper introduces the research and practice process of Kashi University's whole-course career planning guidance by applying the talent training mode of "phased career direction guidance" in the process of application-oriented transformation. The experience of constructing "stage career direction guidance" in the process of educating people is summarized in the article, Including: teaching team, implementation links, implementation content. Initiatives in the teaching organization process are provided. The method of application-oriented major guiding students' career planning has been put forward.


Career Planning Guidance; Double Teachers Teaching; Periodic Professional Direction Guidance; Talents Training; Education Mode