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The Construction Of Practical Teaching Base Of Electronic Information Engineering Specialty With The Goal Of Improving Practical Skills

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001596


Wei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Wei Jiang


The construction of practice base is an important measure to train high-quality practical talents with innovative and practical ability, and plays a vital role in cultivating practical skills and promoting employability of students majoring in electronic information engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate and improve the system of practice base construction and establish an efficient practice base management model. Explore a new cooperation mechanism between schools and enterprises and establish a stable and diversified practice base. Establish a practice base operation mode between schools and enterprises to improve the quality of students practice and employability training. Take the practice base as the development platform to train a number of excellent teachers, so as to provide a platform guarantee for the training of practical and skilled talents in electronic information engineering.


Practice Base; Innovation; Training