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Research On Practical Teaching Reform Based On NSSE Evaluation Mechanism

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001598


Xue-Fei Wang, Bing Yu

Corresponding Author

Bing Yu


The practical teaching reform needs a systematic evaluation mechanism to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the reform. Through interpreting the evaluation mechanism of NSSE, this paper analyses the important value of NSSE's "introspection" spirit, learning-centered concept and the characteristics of big data analysis for guaranteeing the quality of practical teaching and promoting the reform of practical teaching. It is proposed that military academies should promote the evaluation of the quality of practical teaching by using NSSE in three aspects: strengthening theoretical research, enhancing military-civilian cooperation and paying attention to the practicality of evaluation results. Suggestion.


NSSE; Practical Teaching; Teaching Reform; Teaching Quality Evaluation; Military Academies