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Application of Computer Virtual Technology In Higher Vocational Physical Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001603


Baojian Jia

Corresponding Author

Baojian Jia


The quality and efficiency of physical education(PE) in higher vocational colleges(HC) are still low due to the deep-rooted traditional PE concept and mode. Therefore, it is of great significance to apply computer information technology to PE in HVC and improve the quality of PE in HVC. Based on the application value of computer virtual technology in PE in HVC, this paper analyzes the effectiveness of the current computer virtual simulation technology, and discusses the modern teaching methods that are in line with the teaching practice and can improve the teaching effect. The research adopts the experimental method to carry out the research, selects the students of the PE department of Shenzhen polytechnic as the experimental objects, applies the virtual simulation technology to the teaching process of PE course, and verifies the effectiveness of the virtual simulation technology in the classroom teaching of PE major. The experimental results show that virtual simulation technology can break through the problems in traditional teaching mode, optimize the whole teaching process, create a good learning environment for students, and improve students' academic interest more than traditional teaching mode. Virtual simulation technology can effectively use intuitive data, improve the standardization of technical actions, and obviously improve students' motor skills.


Computer Virtual Technology; Higher Vocational Colleges; Physical Education; Teaching Mode