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Research On The Teaching Reform Of Vocal Music Theory In Colleges And Universities Based On Multiple Intelligence Method

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001608


Xiaobei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaobei Zhang


The traditional teaching ideas of colleges and universities cultivated around logic and reading and writing ability have been proved by a large number of facts that there are great limitations. Only through multiple intelligences can we promote teaching reform. In order to maximize the interest and potential of students. This paper analyzes the dialectical relationship between the theory of multiple intelligences and the teaching of vocal music theory in colleges and universities, and puts forward an effective way to reform the teaching of vocal music theory in colleges and universities based on the method of multiple intelligences, such as constructing the teaching mode of vocal music with the combination of diversification and individuation, and paying attention to the "new combination" of vocal music theory and practice.


Multiple Intelligences Theory; College Vocal Music Theory; Teaching Reform; New Combination