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The Construction And Realization Of The Online+ Offline Teaching Mode Based On Micro-Class In Physical Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001611


Jun Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jun Zhao


In recent years, with the rapid improvement of science and technology, information technology has officially entered all walks of life and various fields, and exerts a great influence on people’s living habits and lifestyles. In the tide of the information age, however, the traditional physical education mode can hardly satisfy the needs of society, and it is imperative for us to optimize and reform the traditional mode. Relying on modern network technology, the online+ offline teaching mode based on micro-class guides students in a targeted way, provides students and teachers with new choices and effectively improves the quality and efficiency of physical education. How to realize the online+ offline teaching mode based on micro-class in physical education has become a common concern for many educators. At present, some schools have begun to try constructing and realizing the online+ offline teaching mode of physical education, and yield certain results. However, in reality, there are still many schools that haven’t realized the importance of the reform of physical education mode, or find it difficult to make actual progress. In light of this, in this paper, we make a brief analysis of the online+ offline teaching mode based on micro-class and put forward construction and realization methods and strategies, in the hope of providing some references for various schools in China.


Micro-Class; Hybrid Mode; Physical Education; Construction And Realization