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Research On The Influence Of Regional Cultural Factors In The Reform Of Fine Arts Education In Colleges And Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001612


Hui He, Jianjun Liu

Corresponding Author

Hui He


The scope of art education is wide and the content is rich and colorful. The reform policy of combining local cultural characteristics with art education is the goal of art education. Art Education in Colleges and universities(CAU) is an important way and way of cultural inheritance and development. Different forms of regional art education can greatly alleviate the vacancy of regional cultural characteristics in art education. Increasing folk art courses, carrying out extracurricular art investigation activities and increasing the proportion of regional cultural knowledge in professional courses are all to strengthen the regional cultural factors(RCF) in the reform of fine arts education in CAU. This is conducive to the contemporary youth to deeply understand the different regional cultural characteristics, enhance the national cohesion and national consciousness of the youth, and is conducive to the development, inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the practice of art education in CAU in China, and puts forward suggestions for the reform of art education practice, so as to further improve the professional quality of students and promote the healthy development of art education practice in CAU. This paper makes a deep analysis on the combination of various factors of regional culture and art education, and puts forward relevant suggestions on strengthening the combination of art education and RCF. The results show that 87% of teachers and students think that the reform of art education in CAU should be combined with RCF, and it is a powerful force for art education.


College Art Education; Education Reform; Regional Culture; Influence Research