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An Applied Research On The Teaching Reform Of College Basketball Club Based On The Grading Standards Of Youth Sports

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001614


Ziye Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ziye Zhang


This paper uses the literature review, the practice method, induction theory and mathematical statistics, in view of the "standard of youth basketball level" in the use of the club teaching reform in colleges and universities, from the youth sports level standards and the reform of college club and the present situation and the background, the reform in the practice of combining aspects of concrete, in order to solve a series of core basketball club in the process of deepening reform, all starting from the students, make students learn and master basketball skills, enhance students interest to adhere to the overall goal of lifetime sports, At the same time, it also provides some new ideas and paths for the reform of college clubs.


College Basketball Club; Teaching Reform; Sports Grade Standards For Youth Basketball; Application Research