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On The Relationship Between Critical Thinking And Reading Comprehension Ability Of English Learners

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001615


Shifang Jiang and Di Jin

Corresponding Author

Shifang Jiang


With the continuous development of China's politics and economy, English has become a bridge between China and other countries. We use English as a language to make our cooperation with other countries more harmonious. In the process of cooperation, we will absorb the culture of other countries, but we must learn to extract the essence and remove the dross. Therefore, our English learners should consciously cultivate their own critical thinking. Critical thinking refers to the scientific and effective analysis, reasoning, demonstration and evaluation of the complex and changeable information in today's world. Therefore, English learners should pay attention to cultivate their own critical thinking to improve their reading comprehension ability. With enough understanding, we can further judge whether the culture is suitable for China. With the continuous reform and innovation of teaching methods in China, more and more English teachers pay attention to the cultivation of students' critical thinking. Students' thinking mode and thinking ability have a great influence on their reading comprehension ability. Critical thinking plays a positive role in English learners' independent thinking, discovering problems and exploring answers in reading. Critical thinking can give full play to learners' subjectivity, respect the objectivity of the text, and improve the accuracy of learners' reading comprehension.


Critical Thinking; English Learners; Reading Comprehension;