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An Analysis Of The Influence Of Learning Motivation On English Learners' Learning Attitude

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001616


Shifang Jiang and Di Jin

Corresponding Author

Shifang Jiang


Although learning motivation is a non-intellectual factor for students, it is an important individual factor in English learning and has a great influence on students' learning attitude and learning effect.In English learning, learners must first have a strong learning desire-the internal strength of learning, and then are willing to actively put into practice and continue to move towards the goals.It is especially important to stimulate their learning if we want to achieve good teaching effect and satisfactory learning effect, motivation.By analyzing the influence of several main motivation types on students' learning attitude, this paper puts forward instrumental motivation, integrated motivation, the influence of internal motivation and external motivation on learners' learning attitude and corresponding English teaching strategies.


Integrated Motivation; Instrumental Motivation; Internal Motivation; External Motivation; English Learners; Learning Attitude; Teaching Strategy