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The Effect Of Metacognitive Activities On Reading Comprehension Of English Language Learners

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001617


Shifang Jiang and Di Jin

Corresponding Author

Shifang Jiang


Through the analysis of the process of reading comprehension, this paper points out that reading is not a mechanical passive process, but a complex and dynamic cognitive psychological process. Metacognitive strategy plays an important role in reading comprehension. Relevant studies have shown that metacognition not only has a direct impact on students' English reading comprehension, but also exerts an indirect influence on students' English reading comprehension through affecting their English language level. In the teaching of reading comprehension, the study of metacognition is of great significance. This paper holds that metacognitive strategies can promote the improvement of students' reading comprehension in the process of reading, and proposes the enlightenment of metacognitive activities on English language learners' reading comprehension.


Metacognitive Strategy; Reading Comprehension; Language Learning